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Delta Screen/Penta Screen

  • nickel screen-penta screen

Delta Screen/Penta Screen

March 1, 2015

Delta Screens/Penta Screens are the best choice for fine cotton, Silk, polyester or any other lighter grades of good quality fabric.

Delta Screen/Penta Screen produced by Yuheng Nickel Screen Corporation, with the technology from Switzerland, with equivalent technical parameters as SPG PENTA SCREEN, is the top selling of all our  product range, can be used for Finer Outlines, Tonal Effects, Better Penetration, Geometric Designs, Half Tone etc.  Delta Screens will help you to Achieve unique designs and beautiful patterns with color combinations.

Quality of Delta Screen/Penta Screen get positive comment from customers worldwide, Featured with:

  • Uniform Open Area, better paste penetration
  • High Ductility, higher printing speed
  • Sharp Result with high viscosity
  • Lower Squeegee pressure
  • Enhance the adhesion of photo emulsion
  • Cost-saving &Reliable


Mesh  Thickness(um) Open Area % Hole Diameter(um)
105 105 15 94
125 105 15 79
125V 105 15 79
155 105 13 60
155v 105 13 60

1, All screens can be stripped 5-7 timesRemarks:

2,Customized service is available

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