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Gamma Screen/Nova Screen

Gamma Screen/Nova Screen

January 10, 2013

Gamma Screen/Nova Screens produced by Yuheng Nickel Screen Corporation, supported by top German laboratory, combined with modest technology from Netherland and Switzerland, is a complete benchmark in fine print technology.

Featured with high mesh count with higher open area, Gamma screens allows higher paste volume with lower squeeze press, which guarantees the perfect result for Finest line prints, halftones, sharp outlines, Complex geometrical designs, penetrative prints, blotches etc.

Quality of Gamma Screen/Nova Screens get positive comments from customers worldwide, printing result is equivalent or even better compared with the Europe ones.

Gamma Screen featured with:

  • Big hole diameter with high mesh count
  • Higher paste volume with lower squeeze press
  • High printing speed without any clogging
  • Freedom of design combination
  • Realize higher viscosity paste for sharpest result
  • Cost-saving &Reliable
Mesh  Thickness(um) Open Area % Hole Diameter(um)
135 105 24 92
135E 120 22 88
165 105 21 71
165E 115 19 67
195 105 18 55
195E 115 16 52



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