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Yuheng Nickel Screen

YUHENG SCREEN is the top selling of rotary nickel screens  in China,with the constant good quality guaranteed by modest technology, we satisfied 500+ printing mills worldwide.

PCS screens sold per year
coutries worldwide
Happy Clients
Staff hard working

Most Popular Screens

For textile fabric printing, our standard screens 80mesh, Delta screens 125mesh, Gamma screens 195mesh are the most popular.

Standard Screens

nickel screen-penta screen

Penta Screens

nickel screen-penta screen

Nova Screens

nickel screen-penta screen

Why us

Besides constant top quality, clients are happy with our followingxxxx

In-time Delivery

Professional Quality Control

Customized Service

After-sales Service

Modern Management

Experience Team

About us

Yuheng Nickel Screen Corporation, the top rotary nickel screen producer and exporter in China, has 20 years’ experience in manufacturing, marketing, research & development of rotary nickel screens since 1997. Now, Yuheng Screen becomes world biggest rotary nickel screen production base, capacity reaches 2,000,000 pieces per year.

nickel screen-penta screen
nickel screen-penta screen

Modest Tech

Thanks for our R&D team, which consist of Netherland chemistry, Germany mechanic, Swiss technician, Yuheng Screen developed the 7th generation plating technology of nickel screens, which guarantee Yuheng Screen quality achieves the international standard, thus result in the best printing effect for various designs and fabrics, trouble free and cost-saving printing!

Our rotary nickel screen mesh range from 30msh to 195mesh,and the length from 1000mm to 3500mm,repeat 640mm,688mm,819mm,914mm,1018mm are available.
Yuheng nickel screen could provide 135E,165E,195E,with the high quality could replace the similar products from Europ.
All other specifications could be made customized.
Our company pay great attention to product quality,Our QC department inspect every piece of Rotary screen for the surface appearance,thickness, circumference,open area,and make sure no exceeded block holes.

customers’ satisfaction is our greatest affirmation!

Now “Yuheng” Brand is “China Famous Brand”

1.End rings.
Repeat from 640mm to 1018mm

2.Stainless Steel blades:


3.Magnetic bars:
Solid bars: diameters from 8mm to 30mm;
Hollow bars: diameters from 25mm to 40mm.

4.Spare parts for rotary textile printing machinery
Rotary repeat head,Rotary color pipes,central bearing,etc.

1.Photo Emulsion
2.Endring blinder
3.Printing thickner

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